Colección: Galvo Scan Head

The galvanometer scanning head is one of the important components of the laser marking machine


  • Adopt the photoelectric sensor imported from the United States, with independent intellectual property rights.
  • The differential photoelectric sensor can accurately detect the position of the motor rotor, with good linearity, small drift, high resolution and repeatable positioning.
  • The precise load design of the reflector, high assembly precision of the motor, reasonable structure, extremely small static friction coefficient, and zero offset ensure the best dynamic characteristics of the entire system.
  • The drive has advanced position and speed detection capabilities, which greatly improves the dynamic response performance and scanning speed of the entire system.
  • Overload, overcurrent and reverse connection protection design make the system more reliable.
  • The whole system adopts electromagnetic compatibility optimization design, high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability.
  • The scanner system solves common problems such as motor temperature drift, signal interference, and zero drift.

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