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Hunst EFR F2 F4 F6 Co2 Laser Tube Power 40~150W Diameter 60/80mm Laser Lamp For Co2 Laser Cutter Engraving Machine

Hunst EFR F2 F4 F6 Co2 Laser Tube Power 40~150W Diameter 60/80mm Laser Lamp For Co2 Laser Cutter Engraving Machine

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1.Power: U.S. holly land total reflector and output mirror, the exhaust pipe adopts German Schott glass tube, and the electrode inside the discharge tube is specially treated to stabilize the output of the laser and reduce power attenuation. The power is 30% higher. 

2.Long life: The discharge tube is coated with a catalyst to make the discharge more stable, and the service life is more than 6000 hours.

3.Spot: stable cavity structure, good uniform spot pattern, high efficiency

1. The connecting pipe of the cooling water jacket is made of a silicone tube that is integrally formed with a mold, with high water flow quality and a remarkable cooling effect.

2. The high-pressure water-cooling jacket is formed by one-time ceramic abrasives, with stable performance, fast heat dissipation and durability.  

3. Customize the special connection method of the electrode to ensure that the electrode is not virtually connected and does not fall off

4. The electrode surface is treated with special metal coating, which can completely eliminate electromagnetic sputtering and lens pollution and prolong the service life of the laser tube. 

5. Electrode surface, special plating! Front and rear lens cooling cover, special process! Stability: The discharge tube adopts glass frit imported from Germany, and the quality of the whole glass tube is controllable!


1.The discharge tube adopts American IVL lens and window, German Schott glass tube, and its performance, reliability and consistency are higher than similar products. 

2.The high-pressure side uses a ceramic water-cooling jacket, which reduces problems compared to hand-made glass covers. Ceramics dissipate heat better.

3.The silicone tube is formed at one time, and the water flow is smoother.

4.Improve the production process and reduce air leakage.

5.The new processing electrode makes the discharge more stable.


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