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Hunst Enclosed 20 30 50 100W JPT M7 MOPA MAX Raycus Fiber Laser Marking Machine Price for Gold Silver Jewelry Cutting Engraving

Hunst Enclosed 20 30 50 100W JPT M7 MOPA MAX Raycus Fiber Laser Marking Machine Price for Gold Silver Jewelry Cutting Engraving

Prezzo di listino $2,200.00 USD
Prezzo di listino Prezzo scontato $2,200.00 USD
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Some countries are known to pay customs clearance fees for high-priced products.

If you have any questions about customs clearance, please contact us.

How to choose the laser source of fiber laser marking machine?

Raycus /MAX /JPT are different laser source brands with the same function,

But Raycus and MAX are good at deep carving, hollow design and cutting, while Jpt is good at carving with delicate touch.

How to choose a lens?(Work area)

The same lens, the higher the power, the deeper the engraving,

Same power, smaller lens, deeper engraving,

The advantage of the larger lens is the larger engraving area, the disadvantage is the weaker light.

The advantage of the smaller lens is that it can engrave deeper depths, the disadvantage is the small engraving area.

For metal cutting, we recommend that you choose a Raycus or MAX laser source and a smaller lens.


1.Closed integrated design.

2.Built-in high-speed marking laser motion control system.

3.The fiber laser beam has good quality, reliability and precision. 

4.Fast marking on metal and some non-metal materials (such as some hard plastics). 

5.Fiber laser 50W 70W 100W can be deeply engraved, and can also cut metal products witha thickness of about 1mm.Commonly used in jewelry industry to cut gold, silver, stainlesssteel and other metal products.

1. Advanced lasers: Service life is up to 100000 hours Raycus / MAX / JPT Laser (Optional)

2. Original genuine JCZ control card: Stable motion control, Laser control is correspondingly fast.

3. ZBTK / SINO GALVO HEAD (Optional): Scanning high speed. Precise and fine marking effect.

4. Hunst F-Theta: Lens High-quality optical design, Good light transmittance and higher efficiency.

5. Hunst Power Supply:High work efficiency and stability, Good heat dissipation and low working temperature.

6. Software:

(1) The marking software has functions such as graphic alignment, red light preview, external transmission and reading data, etc., and can mark various barcodes, two-dimensional codes, graphics, etc. And it has the function of counterattack and edge clearing.

(2) The software adopts Windonws interface, which is compatible with Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other formats.

(3) Support PLT/PCX/DXF/BMP and other files, directly use SHXTTF font.

(4)Support automatic coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code, automatic skip number, etc.

(5) The software supports the design of arbitrary graphics, Chinese characters and templates. Support multiple languages, convenient and flexible.

Engraving on metal:

Hunst fiber laser marking machine can engrave on all metal material, like gold, silver, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, steel, ring etc

Engraving on plastic/leather/ceramic:

Hunst fiber laser marking machine can engrave on many non-metal material, like ear tag, plastic, pvc, pc card, leather, etc.


Applied Materials:

Metals ( Gold, silver, copper, alloy, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, name card ) Non-metal( Plastic: engineering plastic and hard plastic, etc. Used in electronic components integrated circuits, mobile communications, precision instruments, glasses watch and clocks, computer keyboard, accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, plumbing fittings, sanitary ware, PVC pipe medical equipment, packaging bottles, etc.)


Application industry:

Jewelry, Keyboards of cell phone, Auto parts, Electronic components, Electronic appliance, Communication apparatus, sanitary wares, buckles, kitchenware, Sanitary equipment's, Hardware tools, Knife, Glasses, Clock, Cooker, Stainless steel products etc.

Metal cutting and deep engraving:

Hunst 50w 70w 100w fiber laser marking machine can cut gold, silver and other metal material, it can deep engraving on metal material too, thickness and deep can up to 1.5mm, it is very good for jewelry shop to make art items.

Dongguan Hunst Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, located in the world famous manufacturing city ---- Dongguan, Guangdong. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of medium and high-end industrial laser equipment and related spare parts.

Dongguan Hunst Laser Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the developed light industry machinery in the Pearl River Delta and a perfect supply chain. After years of steady development and high-quality employees with various professional skills. Now we have a variety of product lines covering carbon dioxide laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, large laser cutting machines, laser marking machines and a full range of laser parts. Product applications include: textiles, leather, clothing, industrial fabrics, advertising, craft products, printing, packaging, electronics, medicine, hardware tools, molds and many other industries.

The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America, Middle East, Oceania and other countries and regions, and are well received by customers at home and abroad.

The integrity and product quality of Dongguan Hunst Laser Technology Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. The products have passed the CE certification of the European Union, and the export-oriented member companies of Alibaba Group.

Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and negotiate business.

Our Services

1. Pre-sale service:

(1)Inquiry and consulting support.

(2)Sample test support.

(3)Please check our factory. 

2. After-sales service:

(1)Within 7 days from the date of your local customs clearance: If there is any problem with the machine, we will replace it for you free of charge.

(2)It has been more than 7 days after the local customs clearance, but during the warranty period, if there is any problem with the machine parts, we can replace the old machine parts with new machine parts for free, but you should pay all the transportation costs.

(3)If there is any problem with the machine parts, more than warranty period, we can provide new machine parts at cost price, and you should also pay all transportation costs.

(4)We provide 24-hour technical support via phone and email.

(5)If you have any questions, our technicians can provide you with online remote guidance (Skype / MSN / What is the application / viber / phone / Etc).

(5)The machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and the operation panel has been included when leaving the factory. If there are other questions, please let me know.

(6)We have manuals and CDs (guide videos) for software installation, operation, and machine use and maintenance.

3. HUNST Laser Technology Co., Ltd. provides free technical training for all customers around the world until the buyer's workers can operate the machine normally and individually. The main training is as follows:

(1)Train the operation of the control software.

(2)Train the operation of the on/off device in a standard way.

(3)Technical parameter description and its setting range.

(4)Daily cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

(5)Solutions to common hardware problems.

(6)Training on other issues and technical suggestions in daily production.

4. Training can be carried out in the following ways:

(1)Customers' workers can come to our factory to receive the most professional manual training.

(2)We can send engineers to the customer's country/region to train the workers in the customer's target factory. However, customers should pay for air tickets and daily expenses (such as food and accommodation).

(3)Remote training via Internet tools (such as Team-viewer, Skype and other instant messaging software). 

5.Service hotline:

24-hour telephone 0086-0769-27223327 0086 13929256735 and e-mail: ht AT online technical support.


Q1: How can I get the most suitable machine for me?

You can tell us your work materials and detailed work through pictures or videos so that we can judge whether our machines can meet your needs. Then, we can provide you with the best model based on your experience.

Q2: This is the first time I have used this kind of machine. Is it easy to operate?

We will send you manuals and guide videos in English, which can teach you how to operate the machine. If you still can't learn how to use it, we can help you through the "Teamviewer" online help software. Or, we can talk by phone, email or other contact methods. 

Q3: Is the machine operating safely?

Yes, the laser operation is completely safe. HUNST laser machine provides many safety systems, such as leakproof socket, emergency stop button, water alarm, red dot focus.

Q4: This model is not suitable for me. Do you have more models available?

Yes, we can provide many models.

Q5: What guarantee is there if the machine fails?

The machine has a one-year warranty. If it fails, usually, based on customer feedback, our technicians will find out where the problem is. If the problem is caused by a quality failure, other parts except the wearing parts will be replaced free of charge. Raycus / MAX / JPT laser source 2 year warranty. 

Q6: How about the documents after delivery?

After shipment, we will send all original documents to you by email or DHL, including packing list, commercial invoice, bill of lading and other certificates required by customers.

Q7: How long is the delivery time?

For standard machines, it will be 5-10 days; for non-standard machines and machines customized according to customer specific requirements, it will be 15 to 30 days.

Q8: What is the payment method?

Wire transfer to our company's official bank account or through AliExpress trade assurance.

Q9: Do you arrange the shipment of the machine?

Yes, for the EXW price, it is very expensive to extract the machine from our factory, and we can ship the machine to any China seaport warehouse by adding some domestic transportation fees. ​For FOB or CIF, we will arrange shipment for you. 

Q10: How about the packaging?

Waterproof plastic film packaging, foam protection at every corner ​Sturdy, seaworthy wooden box packaging with steel belt

Save as much space as possible to load the container.

Q11: What should I do if the machine has a problem in my place?

If the machine has any problems under "normal use", we can send you free parts during the warranty period. 

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